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  • My favourite subject is Art because I like drawing, colouring and painting.

  • My favourite subject is science because it is fun.
  • Everything is nice & fair; sometimes we get to do tug of war and activities on the field.
  • This school is very good; all the adults are very kind and help students make good choices.
  • Milford has great teachers, good equipment, science experiments and the school is a calm, friendly environment.

  • The library at our school has lots of amazing books to read.

  • I love and enjoy lessons and think that they are planned well.

  • I think Milford is great because of the lesson qualities.

Year 5

Welcome to our year 5 page where you will find pictures and examples of work celebrating achievements within the year group. 


World War 1 Week

We have had a wonderful week, where our children's learning has been based on World War 1. We all took part in a good old fashion 'sing song' to end the week. We hope you enjoy listening!



26/10/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Tria

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - 


 Year 5 Work of the Week! 

Congratulations to our 'Year 5 Work of the Week' winners who have been selected for their: letter writing and the improvement of a story ending. Well done Matty (5RB), Naomi (5T) and Samuel (5HP).


19/10/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  Chloe

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - Elysia

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - 


Year 5 Work of the Week! 

Congratulations to our 'Year 5 Work of the Week' winners who have been selected for: creative writing and quality art work. Well done Henry (5RB), Tia (5T), Millie (5HP).


12/10/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Travis

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - 


 Year 5 Work of the Week! 

Congratulations to our 'Year 5 Work of the Week' winners who have been selected for: Picasso inspired art work, accurate place value and a poem about Montacute House . Well done Sam (5RB), Reece (5T) and Daniel (5HP).


05/10/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  Millie

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - Pippa

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Lacey


Year 5 Work of the Week! 

Congratulations to our 'Year 5 Work of the Week' winners who have been selected for: creative sketching, accurate use of decimals, effort that went into a personal booklet and maths book presentation. Well done Daisy (5RB), Tia (5T), Freddie & Josh (5HP).


28/09/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Tia

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  Chloe

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - 


21/09/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  Leon

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - Olivia

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Cody


14/09/18 Celebration assembly awards: 

Magnificent Milford Award Winners:

Mr Truscott (5T) - Callum

Milford Mathamagician Award Winners:

Miss Hamblin/Mrs Parrington (5HP) -  Summer

Mrs Rye/Miss Burrough (5RB) - Matty


September 2018

The Year 5 staff would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Year 5 children. You will find out some of what we do on our Year 5 curriculum page. 



Spring term 2 'Spotlight Awards'

Congratulations to our 'Spotlight Award' winner, Megan (5BA), who had her planet homework project chosen by Miss Elliott for producing 'work of the half term' in Year 5. 


'Star writers' for last week: 

5B: Megan Walsh and Nicole Shadbolt

5Ba: Holly Davies and Ellie Caines

5RM: Olivia Hyde, Eden Coleman, Eden Beer and Holly Sutton

5T: Emily Dorricott

Well done to all children receiving the award. They will write their next 'pow wow' in a different colour. 

Westfield Academy: 

On the 3rd July, year 5 travelled to Westfield by coach.  We participated in 4 activities; P.E (Cricket), D.T (Fruit flavoured water), Science & Art (Making 3D bird sculptures). Science was funny as the teacher heated a jelly baby in a tube and it screamed and flew out the top!  Leelah’s favourite activity was Art and Dylan Pye’s was the cricket. 

Preston Academy: 

On the 6th July, year 5 travelled on a coach to Preston Academy.  There we participated in 3 activities which was Science, P.E and Italian.  We were also given a hot lunch rather than packed lunches.  Dylan Pye’s favourite session was P.E (football rounders) whilst Leelah enjoyed the Art as she made bugs and painted it with acrylic paint. 

By Leelah and Dylan Pye 


Year 5 Curling Experience

On Monday 25th June, we were lucky to have a go at Curling! It was lots of fun and it felt like we were actually in the Olympic Games. There were 4 ladies from the WI who helped us with it. To do it we had a brush and curling stones and we had to hit the stones with the brush into the target area in order to score points. The winners were Naomi –Suka and Miss Barsdell but we all tried really hard and encouraged each other. Overall I feel Curling was amazing and we all had a great experience!

By Imogen Nathan 5Ba


June 2018 - Fire Service Information Seminar

On Tuesday 19th June 2018 two members of the fire service came in to talk to every year 5 class in the school. Firstly, they asked us questions about some pictures and we had to spot the hazards. After we spotted the hazards the firefighters showed us some rooms with lots of fire and where fire could start. They also told us about a fire plan and they also said to test your smoke alarm every month. During the presentation we watched a little video about these two fire extinguishers. They were teaching us to crawl on the floor when there is a fire so you don’t breathe in the smoke because smoke rises up. In a different picture there was a boy playing on his console with about ten wires coming out of two very old double plugs. Also in the same picture on a chair made out of leather was an ash tray with a cigarette in it. Also there was a cat on the chair and if the cat woke up it might knock over the ash tray and set fire to the chair and the carpet. Did you know that the end of a cigarette can reach up to 700 degrees? In a different picture there were tea towels over a cooker which is a major fire HAZARD! In the last picture we looked at was in a girl’s bedroom and on the floor were straighteners that were still on and there was a drink on her drawer. If her books fell off her shelf and hit her drink it would go on the broken charging wire. Also in the picture there was a lamp under a poster which could have set fire to the room then spread to the rest of the house. Not only, was there a poster above it there was a wooden drawer holding the lamp up and that would be next to set a light. Also remember to stop drop and roll if fire is on your clothes. Overall the session was really informative and all the year 5 pupils have now got a greater awareness of how to stay safe in the event of a fire and how to prevent a fire.

By Thomas Cheshire and Alex Delahaye 5B


May 2018  - Outdoor Week

Last term, everyone took part in Outdoor Week. We had fun every day as we had something new to look forward too. On Monday we started our daily mile where we had to do 6 laps around our field. Some people ended up doing 15 laps just for fun! Moving on to Tuesday, we were able to complete some natural collages, which included lots of different nature images of trees, water, animals and other nature related images. Next on Wednesday, we had a whole afternoon outdoors doing some really fun activities such as: crafting adorable blobsters, making gorgeous green man masks, toasting marshmellows and smores and the last thing we did was have a story in a tepee linked to the Green man story. On the last day the whole year group went to Ninesprings. We completed a variety of tasks such as: a nature walk, leaf printing, team building exercises and pond dipping. Overall we had a very fun outdoor week.

 By Lacie Milburn and Abby Whymark 5RM


April 2018 Greek Day

On Tuesday (24th of April) the magnificent year 5’s took part in Greek Day 2018 and this special day was held at Milford Junior School.

Fashion show

In the morning first there was the splendid opportunity to show our brilliant Greek outfits in the fabulous fashion show. It was amazingly fun to look at all the different amazing, extremely great Greek costumes. One of my personal favourites was Lexi’s, Katie’s and Sophie’s.


A few minutes later, which was after the fashion show, we got changed for our next activity. It was the Greek Olympics. I was excited to see what we were going to do so I tried to get changed really quickly. The first activity was the sprint and it was outstanding. Here are some key things we also took part in:

  • - Howlers
  • - Javelin
  • - Discus
  • - Horses

Alphabet and Number

After Break-time we came back into class and sat down. Mrs Bews explained the next activity (which was about alphabet and numbers in Greek) and then she said “Go!” and we all went to the side to get a sheet about the Alphabet or Numbers in Greek. You could pick 3 sheets. I personally wanted to learn the Greek alphabet so I went for that one. After 5 minutes I learnt some of the alphabet and the word alphabet comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet Alpha and Beta. Then I moved on to the next sheet which was Numbers. Did you know that they had symbols? It was so much fun!


In cooking I went to make cheese triangles. They looked DELICIOUS!!! Firstly, we got some pastry and coated it lightly with vegetable oil. We chopped it into slices and placed some cheese mixture on to it. We folded it into triangles then we put them on the side. After this we washed our dirty hands and untied our aprons as they were put in the oven.

Greek theatre

In the Greek theatre lesson we read a story called Zeus and the Minatour. Then we made a fantasy small Greek theatre out of a shoe box. When we finished the theatre we were paired up with a different group to show off our theatres. We made our little people, put them on lolly sticks and moved them about. We acted out the scene and performed it to our group partners.

Tug of war

This particular tug of war was very funny because my year 5 friends were tugging on the rope and …………. it snapped in half! On the second go with 5B (my class) and 5RM (Mrs Rye’s class) it snapped again but not in the place where Mrs Bews and Mr Truscott tied it up! It was so funny to watch!

 The Great Feast

After the funny, amazing and extremely fun tug of war session we had the great grand feast! All of the food was delicious.

Overall this great day was fun and amazing. I’m very sad to say that it’s now over. These are some of our key favourite parts:

Gia Enticott: The alphabet and numbers

Ebony Greenstock: The amazing tug of war

By Gia Enticott and Ebony Greenstock 5B

Science week competition winner

Congratulations to Holly (5RM) who has won the Year 5 entry for the science week 'Exploration' themed competition. Holly chose to carry out her research on Alexander Graham Bell, the man credited for inventing the telephone.

Science Day March 2018

On Science Day we experienced lots of fun activities. Firstly, we did Squashed Tomatoes in class 5Ba. What you have to do is make a little box to put the tomato in. This is why you needed to bring in lots of cardboard boxes or milk cartons. When we finished we went to the top of the banks (in our playground) and rolled the boxes down the banks. Then we opened the boxes up to see if the tomato was squashed or not. Our group’s tomato was not squashed. Then the next activity was making a poster for a competition about an explorer or an inventor. It was so much fun. The next activity was Confusing Cans in my class. We got given five tins each for our group and all the labels of the tins were covered so we didn’t know what they were. We then had to work out by rolling the tins down a ramp what was inside each can. Only one of the tins was the beans the others were something else. The next activity was Astro Nappies. Basically, the materials we had were: Fabric, felt, green paper towel, sponge, tissue paper and normal plain paper. We had to fill a pipette with water, then put a drop of water on top of the materials and wait until it soaked through. After that we counted how many drops it took to absorb through. That activity was a really fun activity and it was a great experiment. Overall Science Day this year was a very practical experience and I know we all had a lot of fun!

By Lexi-May Coate and Katie Johnson 5B


Spring term 1 'Spotlight Awards'

Congratulations to our 'Spotlight Award' winner, Ruby (5BA), who was chosen by Miss Elliott for producing 'work of the half term' in Year 5. The decision was so hard due to the high standard of entries but Ruby produced a wonderful willow pattern plate that demonstrated her intricate painting skills.





Space Dome Experience

On Tuesday 16th January year 5 had an opportunity to visit a Space Dome. Firstly, Simon told us some information about famous astronauts such as Tim Peake. We even had the chance to experience a space shuttle launch alongside Tim Peake. It was incredible! Also we learnt that the international space station is approximately the length of 13 double decker buses. Secondly, we learnt some interesting facts about astronauts who are currently up in space. A Japanese man is currently scared he will grow too tall as he has grown more than any other astronaut previously. If this continues there is a chance he will not be able to fit into his specially moulded chair for the return journey to Earth. A very rich company called SpaceX are planning to build a city on Mars. Next we learnt about our solar system and how asteroids create the craters on the moon. In addition we learnt about the different planets and dwarf planets in our solar system, black holes and different star constellations. Overall it was very fun and we hope we are able to go in again.

By Megan Walsh and Lexi-May Coate.


On Tuesday 30th January the year 5 pupils attended a workshop by EyeHeroes. Dr Ravi was very informative and she told us that it is extremely important to get your eyes tested every 1 – 2 years. She also explained how we see things upside down but the optic nerve sends little messages to the brain that turns the images the right way round for us to see things correctly. Also you need to ensure you do not look at the sun because if you do this could damage your eyes severely. Your retina is also important to look after. Cones help you see colours (also the three colours that you can see are red, blue and green and these three colours make up all the other colours).Rods help you see shades like white, black and grey. Similar to you pupils as they help you see in the dark. Did you know that your pupils stretch bigger in the dark because they are trying to find light. When the Sun is bright or there is a bright light shining at your pupils then your pupils will shrink because they are trying to let less light in. When the lighting is just right for your eyes then your pupils will relax and stop stretching. This is why you should always have your eyes checked every one or two years. Overall the presentation was extremely informative and as a year group we now know lots more about the human eye.

 By Bradley Perry and Lewis Summers

 Year 5 Pizza Making

When we went to Westfield Academy on Thursday 25th January we went right to the top of the building to the DT kitchens. First we washed our hands to the happy birthday song and then watched the teacher demonstrate to us how to make the dough. To make the dough we put salt, flour and yeast into a bowl. After that we added warm water and then started to mix the ingredients together with a knife. Next we had to knead the dough for at least 10 minutes! 

After we had kneaded the dough we rolled it out into a circular shape with a rolling pin and then placed it on a tray. Next the adults came round with the toppings and we carefully arranged them on top of our bases whilst following our original designs. Then the pizzas were placed into the oven. When the pizzas were cool enough we placed them into our pizza boxes. 

After all of that we got to taste our pizzas and share them with our families. This was an amazing experience and just thinking about it makes me feel hungry! 

By Shaya Barclay-Trenar, Ebony Greenstock and Emmie Jordan

Fleet Air Arm Trip - Thursday 30th November 2017

“It is run and organised by the Royal Aero Society Yeovil Branch with the help and support of: Leonardo Helicopters, RAeS Bristol Branch, University of the West of England (UWE), Yeovil College and hosted by the Fleet Air Arm Museum.” 


First of all, we listened to the drone presentation. It was very interesting and we found out lots of things like where to fly them or where not to fly them. At the start of the presentation we watched the graduates from UWE fly a couple of drones. One didn’t quite work to begin with then with a quick adjustment it took off. The graduates were so good at it! Then we watched some videos of remote control aeroplanes flying in the sky. When the videos had finished, they asked us; “how do the planes fly?” We learnt all about the forces that keep a plane in the air such as ‘thrust’. Then they held up a small piece of technology called an auto-pilot. Then they warned us never to fly anything like a drone or remote controlled aircraft near animals, small children, buildings (inside and out) and especially never near real aircraft!

Our first challenge was to build a helicopter out of tools we had been given. We were separated into teams and had a helper from Leonardo’s. On the table we found a small teddy bear, screwdriver, screws and hook. We then had to choose the type of propeller. We had three choices. We each had two practise turns in which our goal was to make sure our helicopter dropped onto the bull’s eye. For a direct hit our team got 20 points, then 15, 10 and 5 for the further away we got. It was a very exciting and tense competition.

After our delicious lunch our second challenge was using the wind tunnel. We had to create our own aerofoil. Again we were split into our groups and we went into a classroom where we found all the tools and equipment necessary to complete our task. After 20 minutes we returned to the first room to test our creations in the wind tunnel. Preston School went first and they were good, then it was our turn and we were really good too!

At the end of our action packed event we all went back into the hall for an awards ceremony. There were lots of prizes and I was lucky enough to win a book about helicopters! Overall I think everyone had lots of fun and really enjoyed their day. We were all very tired on the way home. Thanks to Mrs. Bews for organising such a special trip!

By Katie Johnson and Layla James 5B


5RM Cooking

5RM Cooking

 5B Australia Display 

5B Australia Display

Multicultural week – Monday 30th October  - Friday 3rd November

In year 5 as part of Multicultural week each class completed an in depth study of a specific country.

5B  - Australia

5Ba – India

5RM – Canada

5T – New Zealand

Each class researched about the climate, geographical features and tourist attractions within their chosen country. Also each class spent time in the kitchen creating traditional dishes, for example 5B created ANZAC biscuits. During PE lessons each class had the opportunity to experience a sport from each country for example Rugby from New Zealand and Cricket from India. The week was completed by all the pupils sharing their information booklets with each other, stories from each country and a musical finale where each class performed a song for example: 5T performed the Hakka, 5RM the Canadian national anthem and 5B Waltzing Matilda. All the pupils really immersed themselves into all the activities and completed some excellent half term projects.


Montacute House September 2017

5B and 5Ba went on their first educational visit in September to Montacute House. Each class had the opportunity to explore the gardens and then they were led on a tour of the house by a member of the National Trust team. All the pupils really immersed themselves in the history of the House and have been able to apply their knowledge effectively, especially in English and Topic lessons.