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  • ‘This school is amazing. The staff are wonderful and we have lots of space to have fun.’

  • ‘I like maths because we have lots of resources’
  • ‘I think Milford is a great school because every single teacher has a very special talent for our lessons’
  • ‘My favourite lesson is maths because I can always challenge myself’
  • ‘The teachers make learning fun. They make you feel proud of yourself’

  • ‘I like this school because it has nice teachers and lots of space in the hall and playground’

  • ‘This school is fun because it has lots of good teachers’

  • ‘I like it when we go on the court because we get to play fun games’

Sports Leaders

Our Sports leaders have been appointed and are working towards achieving the Gold School Games Mark. 

18 leaders have been selected to support PE across the school. Their responsibilities include:

  • Leading lunch time games and clubs
  • Reporting of school fixtures
  • Preparation of clubs and lessons
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards PE

Our 17 fantastic Year 6 Sports leaders are: 

Abi, Jensen, Kye, Mia, Jess, Ruby, James, Seb, Megan, Demi, Evie, Harry, Jay, Olivia, Jess, Corey and Jake.

Here is an example of their weekly timetable:


Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Group 1

Rest Week


Lunch Games



Group 2


Rest Week


Lunch Games


Group 3

Lunch Games



Rest Week


Group 4 


Lunch Games



Rest Week


Recent Sports Reports:


12 March - High 5 Netball - Large Schools - Years 5&6 Mixed - South Somerset County Qualifier

On a cold wet day at Westfield Academy, 11 teams from the South Somerset region competed against each other to qualify for the High 5 Netball County Finals. The format was 2 mini leagues of 5 & 6 teams respectively, where the teams would play each other once, and the top 2 from each league would qualify for the County Championships at Millfield School in April.

A very competitive competition followed, with an excellent standard of Netball demonstrated by all the children. League A was a very tight contest, and went down to the last games before the qualifiers were clear, with East Coker and Tatworth finishing in 1st and 2nd spots, and Milford and Keinton Mandeville in 3rd and 4th pushing the top 2 all the way after some very tight games in a closely fought group. League B was a clearer affair, with Redstart and Castle Cary finishing in 1st and 2nd spots respectively, and St Gildas coming in a close third. Special mention must go to Curry Rivel who qualified through to this event as a small school in a large schools competition, they battled exceedingly hard in every game and represented their school very well indeed.

Please see full results at the links below:

South Somerset Large Schools Netball League A

South Somerset Large Schools Netball League B

Huge congratulations to our County qualifiers, East Coker, Redstart, Tatworth and Castle Cary and to our reserves St Gildas and Milford. Big thanks to Westfield for hosting us, and special thanks to the Westfield and Bucklers Mead leaders who endured the cold to help the event run smoothly, without the leaders' it wouldn't happen. Furthermore, huge thanks to Becky Divall from Ash for her assistance and Netball expertise, and to Rachel Middlemast from Westfield for her support throughout the day.

(Report taken from the Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership website)

 Here is a report from the event by Mia and Abi:

3,3     1,0 to us  1,0 to us 0,1  to them 0,4 to them.

Mia scored 2, Abi scored 1,Olly scored 1 and Naomi scored 1.

Overall, we came 3rd which was excellent but we just missed out on going through to the next round as it was the top 2 teams who got through.


Football at Buckler's Mead

Today we are reporting on the boys football also they played at Bucklers Mead.

The first game they was against Ash. Tyreese, Harry and Sonny all scored goals against them. They won 3-0! The next game they played was against Huish A team and the score was 3-0!

The then played Kenton Manderfield and they drew 0-0! Next they played South Petherton and drew 0-0 and it went into penalties and they took 10 pens it was 8-7 in the end. The next game they played was Maiden Beach and they lost 2-0! In the end they came 2nd out of 12 teams!

By Corey and Seb.


Girls Football:

We spoke to Megan and Evie about their recent mathces.

Were they good games?

Megan and Evie U: pretty good games. We drew all 4 games. Also, we conceded 0 goals! Nobody scored but Jess G hit the post.

What was the weather like?

The Weather was good as it wasn’t rainy or too sunny!

Thank you to all the players the took part: Jess G, Martha S,Ruby B,Megan M,Evie U,Mae P,Mia D and Abi G!


By Corey,Jake ,Liv,Jess


A Team Football Tournament:

Today we are reporting on the A team tournament with me(Corey Koerner), Jake B,Olivia P and Jess D. Today we will be interviewing the A team players. Dan T, what do you have to say?

“We played well and passed the ball around with a lot of confidence and we played with a lot of positivity, I done my part in the game and managed to bag one for myself!”.

SO now we will interview Corey Koerner - Ok Corey, what do you have to say?

“ Well we played the ball with confidence and we won all our games the first one against East Coker and we won 6-0 and the second game we won 2-0 against Holy Trinity.”

Well that’s all the time we have today see you next time!