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  • ‘This school is amazing. The staff are wonderful and we have lots of space to have fun.’

  • ‘I like maths because we have lots of resources’
  • ‘I think Milford is a great school because every single teacher has a very special talent for our lessons’
  • ‘My favourite lesson is maths because I can always challenge myself’
  • ‘The teachers make learning fun. They make you feel proud of yourself’

  • ‘I like this school because it has nice teachers and lots of space in the hall and playground’

  • ‘This school is fun because it has lots of good teachers’

  • ‘I like it when we go on the court because we get to play fun games’

Severe Weather and Emergency School Closure Details

Should there be the need for any closure of the school due to extreme weather or other emergency conditions these are the procedures we will follow. They have been recommended by the local authority but also follow our evaluation of our procedures following any necessary closures in the past.

Any decision to close the school as a result of severe weather will be taken in the light of local conditions and an assessment of risk in relation to safety and appropriate staffing levels.  The decision will be made in consultation with the Chair of Governors.  Where possible, advanced warning will be given but parents should follow the steps below if they need to check the status of the school in the mornings. Obviously parents need to make their own judgements about travelling to school having taken into account their local conditions but, rest assured, we will do all that we can to ensure that the school is closed only when completely unavoidable.

The following methods will be used to notify parents on the morning of the closure:

  • A message will be sent via the Milford Junior App (please ask for login information via the office)
  • Information will be posted on the Milford Junior School website
  • School closure notifications will appear on Somerset learning program, Click here for their website- click on the “school closures” button.

The following radio stations will publicise school closures on their website and broadcast via:

  • BBC – Somerset Sound. 95.5 FM, 1566 MHz
  • Heart FM. 102.6 FM, 97.1 FM
  • Breeze FM. 100.8 FM, 102.4 FM, or 107.4 FM

Should a subsequent day(s) of closure be necessary, the methods listed above will be used to notify all parents.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date with the school.